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what   we   offer

A single application that consolidates customer reward programs. Backdraft automatically tracks meaningful customer purchases by securely integrating with debit and credit card transactions


how   it   works


Any retailer can sign-up with Backdraft to create a tailored customer reward campaign


Customers use their preferred credit card or bank card to automatically track their rewards program progress within the Backdraft mobile app


Once you have achieved the vendor’s reward (i.e. buy 5 coffees receive $5), you can transfer the balance directly to your bank account


about   backdraft

our   team

our  purpose

Backdraft was created as a solution to disrupt and optimize the world of customer loyalty programs. We realize that most organizations still rely on age-old "punch card" methods to track and redeem customer rewards. Our service provides the most efficient solution that seamlessly integrates with debit and credit transactions to automatically track and distribute rewards to your customers. 

Unlike traditional customer loyalty programs that provide customers with a free product or incentive, Backdraft provides customers with a cash equivalent. This allows customers to choose where to spend their reward and provides a platform for vendors to show them how.

Our team is committed to developing the best possible solution to allow customers to utilize the best reward programs and enable vendors to create them.

With over a decade worth of system architecture experience, Dakota provides a scalable and dependable system design

Chief Executive Officer

Dakota Kincer

From a career in operations and retail, Danielle provides an optimal approach to gaining and retaining customers

Chief Operations Officer

Danielle Armbruster


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