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Backdraft's unique platform, powered by a free mobile app, engages residents by offering cashback rewards for completing actions around the city.

Use Backdraft to engage, revive and transform your city.

Community Engagement that Forges Value for All.

Create Awareness

Inform residents of city challenges and reward them for taking action.

Promote Local Businesses

Promote local businesses and arm them with powerful marketing tools - like reports and trend data. 

Electrify Your Local Economy

Cashback rewards allow your residents to choose where they spend, giving them a better experience and encouraging them to shop local. 


Easy to use Platform.


Manage your city like never before! With Backdraft's easy to use platform, you will gain valuable insights into resident engagement, spending, activity and much more. 

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Let our experienced team help transform your city by bringing technology and engagement to another level. 

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