So how does it work?

Let's walk through an example scenario:

  • An employee greets a new customer.

  • While the customer is browsing, the employee introduces the loyalty program and how simple it is to join.

  • The customer downloads the Backdraft App & signs up with their email and credit card.

  • Once the customer’s credit card is connected, they’re all setup to receive cash back.

  • The customer rejoices at how easy and convenient it is!

  • Happy customers tell their friends, driving more business into your location.

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With Backdraft, the customer's credit card serves as their loyalty card so it's less expense for you and less hassle for them, increasing the chances of creating a program they will actually stick with. 

We give you options with proven results. Reward your customers based on visits, total spend or card swipes and customize your rewards criteria.

Did you know? Only 22% of customers are satisfied with the level of personalization offered to them from brands. More importantly, there is a 3.5x lift in spend if personalization is done well.

Customized Campaigns

If you have a credit card reader, you can use Backdraft! 

Backdraft works with the same credit cards your customers already use to pay and the same flow your employees already follow to accept payments on your POS system. No loyalty cards to remember and no additional hardware to purchase which all means cost savings for you.


Easy Setup

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  • Boost your sales.

  • Engage with your customers.

  • Manage customizable marketing campaigns from anywhere.

  • Increase your foot traffic.

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